Sunday, January 31, 2016

TV-shows that changed my life

OK, here goes. This list may not include the shows I watch a lot, but the shows that have touched me or inspired me the most through time. It also include shows that I think are plain awesome.

10. Friends
When I was like 10 years old I did not have many friends (I know it's startling, right?? JK) so every time I came home from school I would hang out with my best buds, Rachel, Chandler, Joey etc. I swear I've seen some episodes more than a thousand times.

9. Parks and Recreation
If you've never seen this show, please do! All the characters are so unique and loveable in their own way. Basically it's really clever and really funny and Amy Poehler plays the lead which is really all you need to know.

8. Skins
This show is fantastic and so relatable for teens. It really reminds me of the time when I was 15-16 and kind of self-destructive. And this show was my Bible.

7. X-Files
I am Mulder. Mulder is me. I love a good sci-fi. And I don't just love it because of David Duchovny but he's definitely a plus.

6. Criminal Minds AND Law and Order SVU
I kind of cheated here, because I needed 'em both on the list. I know nothing worse than injustice and that's mainly why I watch crime shows. But these are the top of the bunch. Spencer Reid and Olivia Benson are a daily inspiration to me.

5. Twin Peaks
This show is something else. It scares the crap out of you at times, but mostly it just makes you go 'whoaaaa' and 'huh' all the time. It's so iconic, so basically just watch it.

4. Veronica Mars
I used to watch this show when I was younger and tbh that show is just pure awesomeness. Veronica is sassy as hell. Besides it's SO exciting and if you don't ship Veronica and Logan, you my friend, is mistaken.

3. The Simpsons
Well, of course I love the Simpsons. I love every damn character on that show. But it's especially so high up on the list because of how much I watched it as a kid. When I was at my dad's I never watched children's cartoons, we always watched the Simpsons. So it has a special place in my heart.

2. South Park
Another cartoon show. South Park is the only show that can always make me laugh. And at first it looks so lame and simple, but really is not. It's not only really funny but also amazingly clever.

1. Doctor Who
For those of you who've seen my previous posts, this probably won't come as a big surprise to you. When I was depressed and felt so unimportant, the Doctor made me feel like I mattered. Doctor Who not only changed my life, but it might have saved it as well.


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Capilano Suspension Bridge Experience

“Travel is still the most intense mode of learning" 
                                        -Kevin Kelly 

Hi Wanderlusters!

A year and a half ago I spent some days of vacation in Vancouver, Canada. I didn't know what to expect from it since it was the first time for me. What I can tell you is that Vancouver is a beautiful city. I didn't know that a city could be SO clean. What I love the most about it is that it combines the modernity of a busy metropolis with its mirrored skyscrapers, and the tranquillity and peace of the parks that are very wide. The only bad thing about Vancouver is the weather: it rains. A lot. In July. So Not Cool.

What I'd like to share with you is my experience at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Guys, if you are going to Vancouver or anywhere near there, you've got to visit this site, it's something you won't regret. The views you get to see from the different bridges can be describe with just one word: breathtaking!

There are many different experience you can try and walk on but, of course this one is the main attraction:


This is the suspended bridge and it is 140 metres (460 ft) long and 70 metres (230 ft) above the river. Walking on it is quite and adventure, but that all part of the fun! You can take as many pictures as you like, but that operation becomes quite difficult when all the other people on the bridge start shaking it because they think it's "way more fun" -_- Now, being at 70 meters above the river i personally like a more quite walk along the bridge, but that's just me.
If you want your personal photos to look like the ones above (taken from Pinterest), you might want to get to the site early in the morning. If you get there whit everyone else, you might have to line up and wait for your turn to walk on the bridge (we don't want it to get overcrowded, right?!?) 
If you suffer from dizziness, you shouldn't get on it, cause once you take the first step on the bridge, there's no turning back...

Another wonderful experience to try is walking on the other suspended bridge which is rounded. Take a look: 


I loved this part in particular, because the panorama is amazing. As you can see, the you don't have a lot to space to walk on, since the bridge is pretty tiny, but I felt so adventurous while there. 

On the other side of the bridge you get to do some different things, like seeing the animals that lives in those kind of woods and there's a nice safe walks among the trees, yes, you got that right.

Once you're done exploring the forest on the other side, and you think you're ready to go home you have to cross the long, suspended bridge once again. Cool, right? Yeah, too bad that on my way back it started raining. But I think it's best if I say pouring rain. I was soaking wet. No kidding. But, at the end of the day I was happy it rained, made my experience even more adventurous and it added a lot of enchantment to the views, from the different bridges.

One last thing, before exiting the site, don't forget to say hi and take a pictures with this funny dudes :) They're great people to hang out with!

"Are we out of the woods yet?"

Here's one of the picture I took while there,  I'm so glad I got to experience this whole thing. As you can see,  everything is wonderful.

For more pics you can check my Instagram:



Thursday, January 28, 2016

Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

It's always been difficult for me to find a good mascara because my eyelashes are quite short. Besides I've been really keen on finding products without any unnecessary chemicals like the Body Shop and Jane Iredale, but they just didn't have the effect that I wished for - so I kind of gave up on that. Last year I finally found one that worked for me!

It extents your eyelashes like crazy without them getting clumpy.

Here's a link to it:
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

I know different mascara works on different people, but I can definitely recommend it!!



Wednesday, January 27, 2016

15 reasons why Donna Noble was an amazing companion

1. She always calls the Doctor on his bullshit

2. She did not like him right away

3. And she never wanted or tried to date him

4. And that's why they have the most amazing friendship

5. She's sassy and she does not take shit from anybody

6. Especially not the Doctor

7. And let's be honest - she's hilarious

8. But not only that, she's also very sensitive and empathetic. E.g. the time when she realised that her husband and children weren't real or how much she cared about the Ood

9. She's street smart and always asks the important questions

10. And tbh her sense of fashion is an inspiration to us all

11. She went back looking for the Doctor

13. She's proud to be human

14. But she doesn't think she's anything or anyone special

And let's all appreciate how TenTwo is half Doctor, half Donna

15. And when she forgot all about the Doctor and all their time spent together and how amazing she really is - we all cried with and for her. I still get emotional when I think about it


*all pics from Google or the magical kingdom of Tumblr*

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beauty Haul Spring 2016

Hi everyone!

This post is about me loving make-up very, very, very much. How was that song?
"All I want is everything, too much is not enough" LOL

So, this morning  I was in a very good mood and I decided to go shopping, I ended up buying some beauty products that I like to share with you.

Before we start, there is something you need to know about me:
I have a problem with eyeshadows, you have no idea. It's like I want it all! Whether it's shimmery, matte, dark, light, glittery, great color, powder, cream, stick and so on and on, I want them all. For this reason, in the last months I tried not to buy any eyeshadow, cause I'm trying to finish the ones I already own (which is gonna take a looming while).
Do you have the same issue?

I can proudly say that I haven't bought any eyeshadow today (YAY for me), so here's what I decided to bring home with me:

From the new Chanel L.A. Sunrise Spring Collection 2016:
Rouge Coco Shine in number 114 and 116.

As you can see the number 114, named Shipshape, is a very bright and bold orange color (the first one on the left), while number 116, named Mighty is a fun bubble gum pink princess kind of color (the one in the middle). Both of the lipsticks are enriched with an hydrating formula and they're very creamy and super easy to apply. I fell in love with brightness of the colors and I think they'll be perfect for the Spring days that awaits us.
If you like those shades as well, you should hurry up and buy them, because the ones I bought at Sephora store were the last ones.

From the YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 Collection:
La Laque Couture in number 69.

To match my Chanel lipstick I bought this beautiful soft shade nail polish called Love Pink.
I think it's great because it's a new kind of thing, it's a baby pink polish mixed with a slightly green glitter, I think this is going to look awesome on the nails, once applied. It was particular difficult for me to choose only one item from this collection because it's simply wonderful, I think I'll buy something else soon, I can't help it.

I have already put my eyes on this:

It's the Face Palette Collector. Just look at the packaging, girls, look at the packaging!!

The fourth thing I bought was the Clarins Eclat Minute- Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, number 01.

I don't know about you, but during this winter time my lips look very red, hurt and filled with tiny little cuts. This lip balm will (hopefully) help me to solve those problems. The nice thing is that while actually doing something to soothe your lips it will also give you a shiny touch to them, which you can never go wrong.
There are two versions of it, this one and another one that is cherry-colored. I chose this honey like lip balm because I've been told it's more curative.

The last thing I bought was the Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting.

This is going to help me to reduce the dark circles under my eyes. I've always had those, and it has always been annoying.
I feel like it doesn't really matter what I do but my dark circles are always visible. Even under my makeup (foundation and concealer), and that's not good. I've tried other products from different brands but they never really worked. I'll let you know if this one is different.

What about you? Do you own any of these products? Do they work?
Any advice on something you love?

All the products mentioned are available at Sephora:



Monday, January 25, 2016

Dyrberg/Kern watch

I love the danish company Dyrberg/Kern and if you don't know it, you should definitely check it out because they make beautiful jewellery.

I got this amazing watch for my birthday -

I especially like it because it's discreet enough to wear on an average day but it's also shiny enough to wear to special occasions.

I cannot find it on the webpage anymore but I found a similar one, although there's just a bit more bling to it.

Dyrberg/Kern also sells a bunch of other extravagant jewellery and I wish I could have them all.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

10 times Skins generation 1 made you feel things

1. Cassie's eating disorder

2. Tony's accident (after he JUST confessed his love for Michelle)

3. When Anwar struggled with having a gay best friend

4. When Tony hooked up with Maxxie in Russia

5. When Michelle and Sid started hooking up, but it was ALL WRONG

6. Maxxie helping Tony write his name after the accident

7. Cassie and Sid's heart wrenching love

8. When Tony told Sid how much he actually cared

9. Chris and Jal's beautiful and devastating relationship

10. Chris' death. (Jal was pregnant ffs!)

Fuck it, for Chris.