Monday, February 29, 2016

So Leo won an Academy award

We all know that Leonardo DiCaprio has been snubbed way too many times, am I right?

And we've all seen them all, we all know the memes

And we've cried with Leo every friggin' year, am I right?

SO this year it finally happened. And with an epic speech even!

For a second you were left wondering... is this real life?

But no. This finally happened. And now we can start focusing on real issues like Donald Trump running for president.



Friday, February 26, 2016

The 100 Season 3 Recap and Thoughts

Hello guys!

Today I'm here to share my thoughts about The CW's Tv shows: The 100

I'd like to hear your thoughts about it... I mean, what the hell is going on?
So many characters have changed SO MUCH since the beginning of the show..

I think we can all agree about the fact that the show, this year, is a little bit more "light", there's definitely less torture, blood and violence. Sometimes they pushed that aspect of the show really far! Do you remember when the Grounders sent Murphy back to the camp to infect all the other people? Clarke cried blood (pretty disturbing, right?). Not to mention what the people of Mount Weather did to the Grounders during the second season. I could hardly bear watching those (extremely) violent blood transfusions.

Now, speaking of season 3....

First of all, and most important, what's wrong with Bellamy? Why is he acting like such a jerk again? It feels like we're back to the first season, where he did everything he wanted without caring about others at all.

I really don't understand what he is doing at the moment. Why is he supporting Pike so much? Pike is destroying everything the Sky Crew has built in the past. He's not a good person, or at least, he's not someone to trust. But now Bellamy is acting so stupid, what a shame! Where is the guy we got to know last year? The one who helped Clarke in all the ways possible? Speaking of which, why on hearth aren't those two together?? They're perfect for each other. I think Bellamy made a horrible mistake letting Clarke go at the end of the second season! But I guess that proves he has feelings for her. We all love to see some Bellarke action :)

Another topic of this season is the City Of Light.
Am I the only one who's a bit bored when they talk about that? So Jaha is back with he mind wide open about the amazing place where everything is right, there's no pain and everyone can live happily ever after and so on.. It sounds great, doesn't it? Too bad that place doesn't exists!! It's just something in people's minds.

Is it just me, or the City Of Light looks very familiar? It reminds me of The Flash's Earth 2. Both of this places look way too much like Tomorrowland (I'm talking about the George Clooney's movie). Take a look and let me know what you think.


So now Jaha is trying to "convert" everyone at Arkadia... I'm so sad seeing the only one who follows him is Raven, I know the girl has been through a lot, but the City of Light is not the solution, I wish she'll find a way to be happy again. And also, I am STILL mourning the loss of Finn, the guy (before he went crazy) was my fave character on the show.

Now, what to say about Murphy and Jasper?
Jasper was so nice in the first season, I liked him so much. But now he's acting like a total jerk! I know that he lost his true love and he deserves so time to process it, but I don't like his behavior, he almost got killed in this season premiere, it's not worthy, Jasper.
Murphy seems almost decent lately, after being a prisoner, he was smart enough to leave Jaha and his stupid City of Lights behind. Good move dude. I'm excited to see what will happen next to him.

Last, but not least, Clarke. Girl, take a decision and do something.
I know she always tries to do what's best for her people, but I don't like the fact that she isn't with the Sky Crew anymore. Yeah, alright, it's useful to have the Grounders as an alley, but her people-her friends-need her. We can leave Wanheda the warrior behind. They defeated the queen of Ice Nation, everything's good now. Go back to Arkadia and stay with with your friends, help Bellamy be the person he once was and show people what kind of person Pike is. They all need to open their eyes.


Alright guys, that's everything for
now. Let me know your thoughts in the comment!

Until next episode!!



Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Hateful Eight - summary and review

I have a goal this winter. My goal is to watch all the Oscar-nominated movies before the Academy Awards.
For now, I've watched "The Hateful Eight" by Quentin Tarantino

I really liked the action and the humour, although I wouldn't consider it one of Tarantino's best work. The plot is great and the actors are amazing. Of course, as it is in any Tarantino movie, the music and camera technique are the best part about the movie and it's so clever and thought all the way through.

Here's a summary of the film.

So there's basically this bounty hunter, John Ruth (Russel) with his prisoner, Daisy Domergue (Jason Leigh) and he's on his way to bring her to the hangman. Along the road he meets another bounty hunter, Marquis Warren (L. Jackson) who he agrees to give a ride. Later they meet the new sheriff of the town, Chris Mannix who they very reluctantly takes with them.

SO there's a bad blizzard and they have to stay at this bar. At this bar we meet five new characters:
- Bob, who's taking care of the place while the owners are gone
- Oswaldo Mobray, the hangman of the town
- Joe Gage, a cowpuncher
- and Sandy Smithers, confederal general

So here we have 'the hateful eight'
But are these people really who they say they are? Do someone have an ulterior motive? Why are these people even there?

So many questions! Of course there will be lots of violence and lots and lots of blood involved. Basically, you'll have to watch the movie to get answers to all of these questions!!!

I would give the film at steady four of out six stars. Good - definitely better than just average, but not amazing. If you're a Tarantino fan, it's a must-see though.



Sunday, February 21, 2016

A relatable list for everyone who hates school

1. When someone reminds you, you have school tomorrow

2. Homework

3. Lack of sleep

4. Exams

5. Teachers

6. People

7. Feeling like you're missing out on life 

8. The pressure from everyone

9. Not understanding a single word the teacher is saying

10. Actually feeling your brain cells disappearing day by day

11. Getting an ulcer from drinking way too much coffee

12. That one person... you know who I'm talking about. That one person who thinks they're smarter than everyone and will wait patiently for you to mess up so they can humiliate you.

13. Aaaand the other one. The "Obama? That's the guy from that new Star Wars movie, right?"

14. The food

15. Mondays

16. Trying to hold on to that tiny motivation you have left

17. At last you just... give up

18. Luckily you have your friends... hopefully



Saturday, February 13, 2016

Herôme Nail Hardener and Nail Whitener

Hiii everyone! Sorry the blog has been a wee bit slow this last week, but let's change that, shall we?

I wanted to make a february haul, but then I realised it's only the 13th! How have I bought this much already?!
So I'll wait a bit with that and instead tell you about this lovely purchase I made today!

Several of my friends have told me about this product and when I've seen them wearing it it looks nothing less than fantastic.

I am of course talking about the Herôme Nail Hardener! (the link is for Strong)
If you are struggling with weak and short nail that break easily, you really need this product! You can also get different varieties depending on which strength you want and/or need.

I also bought the Herôme Nail Whitener (the link is for Glamour), which also has different varieties. I bought the one called Glamour (see below) If you feel your nails are a bit too boring or too yellow-ish, this is something for you! It will give that french manicure effect. I love it!!!

I will add a before/after pic once I've been on the cure for some time.


All the Reasons Why We Miss Alex Russo

Hello people from the Internet! How are you doing?

Here'a a huge secret about me: I love Disney, I'm such a nerd. Now that the secret is out, I can also tell you that I've loved the Disney Channel shows during my childhood and teenage years.

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic today, so I decided to post about one of the funniest character from the Disney Channel, Alex Russo from Wizards Of Waverly Place.

I've always thought she had a good attitude and, what I like the most about her, is her laziness!
I'm so lazy as well, I think Alex could be my spirit animal.

So this post is for all of you who miss (but still remember and appreciate) Alex's personality.
I hope this will make you smile!

The end with no doubt justify the means

Let me start this walk down the memory lane, with one of my fave quotes

                                                  I think about this every single day

                  Alex has never been afraid to show her true self, even when eating in pubblic!

                                        Alex has the solution to every kind of problem

                                                        She's great at comebacks

                                                        Sarcasm is my second language

                        Just in case you're wondering what her best skill was... Giving "the look"

                                                                     Am I right?!?

                                                      "What the heck are you saying??"

               But the best thing about Alex is the fact that she doesn't accept "no" as an answer.

Alex always knows what to say, and how to have fun during her free time

Just like all of us, Alex.

Even is she's the laziest person alive....

...she has always had a wonderful style, don't you agree?


Monday, February 8, 2016

Lemon and Honey Beauty Mask

Hello everybody!

Since it's been a while since we last posted, I think this is a good time to talk you about this very simple and quick beauty hack.

Here's the recipe for a glowing skin mask.


  • 2 teaspoons of lemon juice 
  • 2 teaspoons of honey

This beauty treatment  is super simple: once you have mixed the two ingredients together, apply the mask to your face and leave it there from 10 to 15 minutes (don't worry if it goes on your lips, it tastes really good lol).
Then, wash it off with some water, and there you go! Your skin will look immediately better and you'll see a natural glow.
What I like the most about this mask is that is very cheap and you can always make it with the things you have in your fridge.

My Advice: I wanted to share this facial mask with you cause I think it really works, BUT listen to me when I tell you that it's best for you to apply it when you're not tanned. I made this mask after summertime, when my skin was still tanned, and once I washed it off .. well the result wasn't really good. Just apply it when you haven't exposed your skin to the sun for too long, and you'll love the final result.