Saturday, February 13, 2016

Herôme Nail Hardener and Nail Whitener

Hiii everyone! Sorry the blog has been a wee bit slow this last week, but let's change that, shall we?

I wanted to make a february haul, but then I realised it's only the 13th! How have I bought this much already?!
So I'll wait a bit with that and instead tell you about this lovely purchase I made today!

Several of my friends have told me about this product and when I've seen them wearing it it looks nothing less than fantastic.

I am of course talking about the Herôme Nail Hardener! (the link is for Strong)
If you are struggling with weak and short nail that break easily, you really need this product! You can also get different varieties depending on which strength you want and/or need.

I also bought the Herôme Nail Whitener (the link is for Glamour), which also has different varieties. I bought the one called Glamour (see below) If you feel your nails are a bit too boring or too yellow-ish, this is something for you! It will give that french manicure effect. I love it!!!

I will add a before/after pic once I've been on the cure for some time.



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