Wednesday, January 27, 2016

15 reasons why Donna Noble was an amazing companion

1. She always calls the Doctor on his bullshit

2. She did not like him right away

3. And she never wanted or tried to date him

4. And that's why they have the most amazing friendship

5. She's sassy and she does not take shit from anybody

6. Especially not the Doctor

7. And let's be honest - she's hilarious

8. But not only that, she's also very sensitive and empathetic. E.g. the time when she realised that her husband and children weren't real or how much she cared about the Ood

9. She's street smart and always asks the important questions

10. And tbh her sense of fashion is an inspiration to us all

11. She went back looking for the Doctor

13. She's proud to be human

14. But she doesn't think she's anything or anyone special

And let's all appreciate how TenTwo is half Doctor, half Donna

15. And when she forgot all about the Doctor and all their time spent together and how amazing she really is - we all cried with and for her. I still get emotional when I think about it


*all pics from Google or the magical kingdom of Tumblr*


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