Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beauty Haul Spring 2016

Hi everyone!

This post is about me loving make-up very, very, very much. How was that song?
"All I want is everything, too much is not enough" LOL

So, this morning  I was in a very good mood and I decided to go shopping, I ended up buying some beauty products that I like to share with you.

Before we start, there is something you need to know about me:
I have a problem with eyeshadows, you have no idea. It's like I want it all! Whether it's shimmery, matte, dark, light, glittery, great color, powder, cream, stick and so on and on, I want them all. For this reason, in the last months I tried not to buy any eyeshadow, cause I'm trying to finish the ones I already own (which is gonna take a looming while).
Do you have the same issue?

I can proudly say that I haven't bought any eyeshadow today (YAY for me), so here's what I decided to bring home with me:

From the new Chanel L.A. Sunrise Spring Collection 2016:
Rouge Coco Shine in number 114 and 116.

As you can see the number 114, named Shipshape, is a very bright and bold orange color (the first one on the left), while number 116, named Mighty is a fun bubble gum pink princess kind of color (the one in the middle). Both of the lipsticks are enriched with an hydrating formula and they're very creamy and super easy to apply. I fell in love with brightness of the colors and I think they'll be perfect for the Spring days that awaits us.
If you like those shades as well, you should hurry up and buy them, because the ones I bought at Sephora store were the last ones.

From the YSL Boho Stone Spring 2016 Collection:
La Laque Couture in number 69.

To match my Chanel lipstick I bought this beautiful soft shade nail polish called Love Pink.
I think it's great because it's a new kind of thing, it's a baby pink polish mixed with a slightly green glitter, I think this is going to look awesome on the nails, once applied. It was particular difficult for me to choose only one item from this collection because it's simply wonderful, I think I'll buy something else soon, I can't help it.

I have already put my eyes on this:

It's the Face Palette Collector. Just look at the packaging, girls, look at the packaging!!

The fourth thing I bought was the Clarins Eclat Minute- Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, number 01.

I don't know about you, but during this winter time my lips look very red, hurt and filled with tiny little cuts. This lip balm will (hopefully) help me to solve those problems. The nice thing is that while actually doing something to soothe your lips it will also give you a shiny touch to them, which you can never go wrong.
There are two versions of it, this one and another one that is cherry-colored. I chose this honey like lip balm because I've been told it's more curative.

The last thing I bought was the Shiseido Ibuki Eye Correcting.

This is going to help me to reduce the dark circles under my eyes. I've always had those, and it has always been annoying.
I feel like it doesn't really matter what I do but my dark circles are always visible. Even under my makeup (foundation and concealer), and that's not good. I've tried other products from different brands but they never really worked. I'll let you know if this one is different.

What about you? Do you own any of these products? Do they work?
Any advice on something you love?

All the products mentioned are available at Sephora:  http://www.sephora.com




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