Saturday, January 23, 2016

Thoughts about Once Upon A Time Spring Premiere (Contains SPOILERS)

Hey Oncers!
How is it going?
Are you counting how many days are left until March 6th? How many days are between us and the half season premiere of Once Upon A Time?!?

I know life has been pretty tough since the jaw-dropping winter finale! What the bloody hell happened?
In the last episode we watched we apparently had to say goodbye to one of the show's main characters. Hook, how terrible! How dare they take him away??

I am a huge Hook/Killian fan, so I wasn't really happy to see that he sacrificed himself to save Emma, her family and the whole city of Storybrooke (only cause I love the character so much).
I mean, I did appreciate the act of absolute love towards Emma (he's a pirate, but he's a true gentleman), but still, I got really mad cause I thought this could have meant seeing less Hook in the episodes of the upcoming new half season.
But on a second thought, I put my mind on it, and to reassure myself, I checked Colin O' Donoghue's IMDb page and saw that he'll star in the new episodes. What a relief!!

Besides the fact that, in my opinion, Emma is going to the Underworld for the wrong reason (only because Rumple is still The Dark One and Killian's sacrifice was vain and not because she wants to) I'm glad she decided to go on a mission to save her boyfriend.
Question is: is this the end of our beloved Hook?
Are these the last episodes where we will see his beautiful face?

What I'm really concerned about is that our heroes may not be able to bring Hook back. I really hope (and think) they'll make it as always, but what if they don't? What if Hook is forced to remain in the Underworld?
And if Emma, Regina and all the others come up with a good idea on how to save Killian, will someone else have to day up in Storybrooke?
If there's anything this show has taught us is that:
1- "magic always comes with a price" and
2- one life in exchange for another (remember the whole Cora/Rumple candle thing?).
Who could die in Storybrooke? I wouldn't mind if Zelena had to say goodbye...
It's unlikely that any other of the main characters will die since all the protagonists are on the mission to save Hook, that leaves in danger all the series recurring roles. Hopefully they'll let Belle leave. I personally really like her, but she is too close with the darkest Dark One. Run Belle, run..

Anyway, I want our fave pirate back, what about you? Don't you miss him as much as I do?

He has so many good reasons to come back alive from the Underworld. Plus, we all want to see how his relationship with Emma will develop, they were perfect together. They have both suffered a lot for love, they deserve their happy ending TOGETHER. #CaptainSwan forever and always.

"Who put the glad in gladiator?"
That's right! Hercules and Meg will appear in the new episodes, and it's very likely that the main characters of the show will spend most of the second half on the fifth season down in the Underworld.  Things are going to heat up, it's going to be fun!
I'm so exited to see what will happen! I'm curious to see how our heroes are going to act in this new environment, and how they're going to interact with the new characters they'll meet. Speaking of which, hello Hades, king of the Underworld...

Summing up this post, my main question is the following: Is Captain Hook going to make it to Season 6?

I wish I could tell you that all of these questions will find their answers on the 100th episode that will air on March 6th, but they probably won't.
Cause I think that they'll reveal Hook's destiny towards the end of the season.

Until that day, this amazing picture (which happens to be the background to my phone) will have to suffice!

Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about the winter finale!

Barbi (the Oncer).



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