Friday, January 22, 2016

15 things any Pretty Little Liars fan can relate to *SPOILERS*

1. "This season finale you will get all the answers" Right... So who is A??? It's been 6 seasons and you pull this crap every damn time

2. Also, are you REALLY going with the Charles/Charlotte storyline? Really guys, really?

3. And how can Alison be like 'nah I forgive you 'cause we're family lol love you' ???? WHAT

4. Sooo... another murder. Great. Not weird in such a small town AT ALL

5. But remember, half of them are not really dead after all

6. And are everyone in this town psychopaths? Many are not even in touch with A at any point!
You do remember when Aria's dad's girlfriend tried to POISON her, right? But I mean, that's totally normal

7. When will the FBI show up again? We need Hotch, Morgan and Reid ASAP! Mostly Garcia though. She could hack A in her sleep!

8. Mainly the girls and everyone else should just have called the police in the beginning. But even if they did... Who would help them? A guy who's like 17 and became a police officer in a week? And his dumb-ass partner who dated a 17-year old? WHAT IS THIS

9. Also, why do all the 20-something guys in this town want to date teenagers? Are there no adults in this town? Is this not weird???

10. Now that we're talking about the guys, I'm not complaining - really, thanks I. Marlene! But can we please get Wren and Jason back?

11. Another things is - where does everyone go? Where is Jenna? Is she still blind? Is she OK? I'm worried

12. Even the "wine" mums are friggin' dumb (And Veronica Hastings is running for senate!!!)

13. Also, just to make sure... Alison = good?

14. And Mona?

15. Will we ever get answers?



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